Sweet cherry start with a smooth body and a nutty, chocolaty finish.


With a passion for farming and love for their land, the father and son duo of Thomas Manyako and Joseph Soto exude immense pride in their coffee crop. On their 4 acre farm located on the slopes of the Elgon Mountain range, they understand that good farming practices will yield high quality coffee, thus providing more revenue for their family. Thomas and Joseph are just one of the thousands of small holder farm families who pool together and provide coffee to one of the leading Ugandan coffee exporters, Kawacom Uganda Limited. Kawacom provides local coffee processing facilities to the farmers in addition to grading, drying, export and storage services in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. In 1998 Kawacom helped to spearhead the organic certification movement in Uganda, becoming organic certified by OCIA in 2002 and today more than 10,000 farmers across Uganda are organic certified. Kawacom continues to focus on quality and innovation in working with the Ugandan coffee farmers and their communities to promote sustainable agriculture along with socially and environmentally responsible business practices. This wonderful coffee is a testament to their hard work and dedication.