Colombia, 1lb

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Mild acidity with a medium body, sweet start, creamy-dark chocolate, smooth finish.


The northeastern face of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains, the tallest seaside elevation in Columbia independent of the Andes Mountains, is the location of the ASOPROKAN coffee cooperative. Situated around the towns of Bello and Valledupar, (Productores Agroecologicos Indigenas Kankuamos) is composed of indigenous Arhuaca and Kankuamo farmers. These farmers are a deeply spiritual and communal ethnic group who base their agricultural production on sustainable organic practices. The desirable elevation of the coffee farms, coupled with the proximity of the equator, produces climatic conditions favorable for coffee production However, the farmers must also constantly strive to limit the presence of the extensive illegal crops that are threatening the biodiversity and ancestral culture in the protected areas of the indigenous reserves and their area of influence around the Sierra Nevada. The ASOPROKAN Cooperative has been instrumental in stabilizing the community and in caring for a complex ecosystem that is home to countless life forms while producing coffee of exceptional quality for the world to enjoy.