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About Us

Thank you for visiting us here at Tend Coffee!

We are a human sized team of Coffee Roasters & Baristas dedicated to sourcing, roasting and crafting fresh and delicious Certified Organic coffee for everyone to enjoy!



3 Questions

These questions help keep us on our path. We ask them whenever we are considering something new or considering solutions to a challenge.
    Is this right for our people & community?
    Is this right for the coffee?
    Is this right for our company?
    If the answer is not a yes to each one, then the answer is a hard no.
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    Our Roasting Philosophy

    We source, roast and prepare the best Certified Organic coffees we can find. Putting in as much work as we do upfront to ensure an unbroken organic supply chain from bean to cup allows us to communicate our roasting philosophy in just one sentence:

    “To simply capture the essence of the origins and the intention of our blends”


    Curious as to why we chose to be a Certified Organic only Roastery from the start? Click here ---->


    An Origin Story

    Susan & Daniel Kennedy don’t want it to be about them, it’s bigger than that. Never the less this is little bit about how they started Tend Coffee, a NY based Certified Organic Coffee Company.

    Susan has spent most of her life in coffee & before Tend, Daniel spent most of his time in some of the most fabled restaurant kitchens of the North East. An espresso caramel that Daniel was working on became a frustration when he couldn’t find a coffee that delivered the sweet roastiness that he was looking for, so he decided to roast his own.

    Realizing that it wasn’t just a caramel infusion that needed just the right coffee flavors and complimentary characteristics. Quality Chefs were very concerned with the ways a coffee paired with their desserts, Baristas wanted the right acidity in their lattes and the folks brewing at home wanted a consistently great cup and they wanted it to be organic. Consequently in 2011 Tend Coffee was born!

    With a new baby and a toddler at home they took the scary step of signing a lease for a building on Long Island, spent all their money on roasting equipment and started roasting some hardcore Certified Organic Coffee. To look after and care for is the definition of Tend and they couldn’t think of a better name.

    They roasted tiny batches, filled bags by hand and sold their coffee at Farmers Markets and to local restaurants out of their little yellow hatchback.

    Fast forward to today and Tend Coffee operates 2 locations, a multitude of Farmers Markets and one of the fastest growing Certified Organic coffee roasteries in New York.

    Their biggest mission when starting Tend Coffee was to create that perfect coffee for whatever the situation calls for. They say that’s still their biggest mission today!