Mexico, 1lb

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Mild lemon notes with a hint of honey, creamy milk chocolate notes with a lasting clean finish.


Chiapas is located in the tropical belt of the planet, but the climate is moderated in many areas by altitude. For this reason there are hot, semi hot, temperate and even cold climates. There are areas with abundant rainfall year round along with those that receive most of their rain from May to October with a dry season from November to April. The mountain areas affect wind and moisture flow over the state concentrating moisture in certain areas of the state. They also are responsible for some cloud covered rainforest areas in the Sierra Madre where this coffee is grown.

Organic coffee accounts for 18 million tons grown annually by about 60,000 producers. One third of these producers are indigenous women and other peasant farmers who grow the coffee under the shade of native trees without the use of agro chemicals such as this elegant cup.