Sumatra, 1lb

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Earthy with a full syrupy body and fleeting notes of red fruit.


The Permata Gayo Cooperative was formed in 2006 by 50 coffee farmers spread throughout five villages in the Bandar sub-district of the Aceh region of Sumatra following the peace accord that ended a decade long civil war and a devastating earthquake that heavily damaged the farmers’ homes and warehouses. The purpose of the cooperative is to increase the sales of organic coffee and pass the benefits on to its members, all of whom are very small scale coffee farmers. Each grower processes their coffee to the pergamino stage and then transports the parchment to a central mill where it is hulled and sun dried on elevated drying tables. This method of processing preserves the distinct characteristics of each farmer’s coffee while enabling them to benefit from the joint milling and drying facilities. Permata Gayo represents the farmers’ hope for a peaceful future, prosperity and careful stewardship of the natural environment.