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3 Essential Styles of Coffee Drippers

3 Essential Styles of Coffee Drippers

The V style coffee pour over has 3 main styles. The large single brew funnel, the smaller holed drippers and the immersion style drippers. Here are the differences:

The Funnel V Style Pour Over

This brewer gives the user the most control over the brew because almost as soon as you pour the water in it flows through the ground coffee and out the bottom. The downside of this style of dripper is it requires the user to maintain the flow of water throughout the process.

Leading Model Example: Hario V60

V Shaped Dripper

The main difference between this brewer and the funnel pour over is the hole size. The exit holes for this brewer range in number between one and several. The thing to keep in mind is the hole size regulates the flow rate of the brewed coffee limiting your control on the extraction time.

Leading Model Example: BEEHOUSE Dripper

Immersion Dripper

This method of brewing is a hybrid between the Funnel V above and a French Press. The immersion dripper typically has a mechanism to “plug” the bottom so when you add your hot water all the coffee is in contact with it. It produces an equally clean cup of coffee without the need to maintain the flow of water for the length of the extraction. Once your water is added, a timer is set. Upon completion the stopper is opened releasing the full amount of coffee into your cup. This is a very convenient functional brew method.

Our Favorite Model: Bonavita

Many new styles are emerging on the market almost daily. Most of them are in the multi-hole V Shaped dripper style. Be aware of the quality of workmanship on some of the cheaper drippers as they can have an adverse effect on the brew quality.

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