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A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

Week 3 : Mexico
Mexico is a delicious Medium Roast Coffee. It delivers mild lemon notes with a hint of honey, creamy milk chocolate notes with a lasting clean finish.   One of the perks (pun intended) about coffee, and food in general, is how a simple smell or flavor can take us back to a place and time. It seems to be that whenever I drink a big cup of Mexico, I am brought back to a moment when we were just roasting for a few wholesale clients, a single farmers market and some very loyal online fans. We were midway through the build-out for the Shirley location and I was contacted by a woman working on her thesis for a doctorate's degree. She was researching organics. We decided to meet at the now Shirley café.
As we sat down on folding chairs on that cool overcast day, I poured a french press of our Mexico coffee. We spoke a lot about her research,and the importance of organic coffee for the farmers, the environment and the consumers. But what I remember the most, is when she tasted the dark chocolate notes in the freshly pressed coffee. Nothing compares to the feeling of seeing someone detecting a flavor note for the first time!

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