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Colombia, A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

image of Colombian city street

Week 14: Columbia

While the Republic of Columbia is popular for its coffee, the ASOPROKAN cooperative is well known for its organic farms. These farmers are deeply spiritual and are proud to continue their indigenous Arhuaca and Kankuamo farming methods.They need to continuously fight to preserve this complex ecosystem that is threatened by illegal crops trying to infiltrate their environment. This medium roast bean has a sweet start of creamy chocolate, caramel and orange notes with a smooth finish. 

I find this coffee delectable at all times of the day. If you find yourself in doubt of which coffee to try first, I would be probably suggest a medium roast like Columbia. It is a favorite of many of my friends. Like most of you, I like offering a special treat to special people. I always make sure the coffee I serve is not too light or too dark especially when not knowing their preferences. By serving a medium roast, I am pretty sure it will be a success! With this Columbian coffee there will probably be a second cup requested so make sure you make enough! 

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