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Brazil, A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

Brazil, A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

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Week 17: Brazil

What do we think of when we hear of Brazil? Men might be thinking of beautiful women, or watching soccer while sipping a cold beer on the luscious beaches of Rio.  Women could be dreaming of the enchanting beat of its native samba, the famous Carnival or the beautiful Portuguese language. What we all have in common is the agreement that Brazilian coffee is one of the best there is. No wonder Brazil is the number one producer of coffee beans in the world. These plantations are mainly located in the Southeastern states of the country where the climate and environment provide ideal growing conditions. Because it is grown at a low altitude, it has a low acidity quality that makes the coffee sweeter and delicious. Our famous organic beans are medium roasted and have hints of cocoa and toasted nuts.

After enjoying a cup or two of this Brazilian brew, coffee just might be the first thing you think of when someone mentions Brazil! 



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