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A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

Week 4: Daybreak Blend
Good Morning! Our Daybreak Blend is bright and invigorating. This lightly roasted coffee, is like a cup of sunshine. It will get you going in the morning. The lighter roast, preserves more of its natural buzz, and will help you kickstart your day. Whether you start your day out on a trail, kayaking or in bumper to bumper traffic, this coffee has a way of making it all, more enjoyable. It is the favorite blend, of many of our friends and customers. 
One of these friends, Mahlina ,who is in the picture above , had this to say about her favorite blend: "I love Daybreak, because it is mellow and not as acidic, as other light roasts I have tried in the past. It is versatile, I like it iced or hot. By not being as full-bodied as a darker roast, it feels a lot more refreshing and light, which is a great way to start my morning! I also like the name! Daybreak is the coffee that taught me to love black coffee!"

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