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Weekender, A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

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Week 7: Weekender

On Friday, after posting my last blog, I stopped by Tend Coffee's shop to buy a pound of coffee for the week. With so many different blends to chose from, I was surprised that one caught my eye right away, the Weekender Blend. How perfect for a weekend of apple picking, decorating and baking! Knowing how nice and mellow it is, it was a great choice. It is a medium roast that is accurately described as comfortable with hint of "wow".  I'm sure its name relates to the fact that no matter what we do, or if we have company over, it is truly enjoyable for all occasions especially on the weekends. Once back in my car, I noticed a queue of people waiting to get their caffeine fix. Typical Friday line of coffee lovers, making sure they get their favorite latté and/or are afraid to run out of coffee, for their busy weekend and upcoming work week. Saturday morning, properly equipped with my newly bought travel mug, I was in a lot of traffic on my way out to the East End of Long Island. Driving while sipping and listening to my favorite music, made the ride so much nicer.  I was able to go apple picking and find all the fresh produce I needed. Once home, it was time to clean the front yard and start putting up my fall decorations. That evening, baking a fruit cobbler sounded like a great idea. A piece of slightly warm dessert accompanied by a cup of Weekender was the culmination of a perfect day. Needless to say, Sunday was nice and relaxing as I convinced myself, a day of rest was very well deserved.



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