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Honduras, A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

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Week 8: Honduras

This week, our weekly coffee is "Honduras". This country is officially known as the Republic of Honduras. It is known for its rich natural resources including minerals, tropical fruit, sugar cane, textiles and of course coffee. Its climate varies from tropical in the lowlands to temperate in the mountains. With an altitude of 5900 ft., the soil and climate conditions make Honduras an ideal location for coffee farming. These beans provide a nutty mild flavor with citrus tones, in a medium roast body. A friend of mine, enjoys its taste and complexity, referring to it as a great coffee with a lingering flavor in the back of his tongue. Being a fisherman and loving renovating his house in his spare time, he gets a strong burst of energy drinking his morning coffee. Of course, he also enjoys his time outdoors. After a hard day's work, like most Hondurans, he relaxes later on with a cup of his favorite brew and a great cigar!  What a fabulous match this is, Honduran coffee and Honduran cigar! Thank you my friend for sharing with us your favorite coffee and your perfect to enjoy it!

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  • Richard Cama

    I think I might know who this guy is.. 😉

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