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Sumatra, A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

image of a Sumatran tiger

Week 9: Sumatra

This great coffee is grown on Sumatra Island, in beautiful Indonesia. The unique taste attributed to the beans of Sumatra, comes from the fact that they are low in acidity and have a complex flavor profile. Its chocolaty and earthy flavors are well renowned. The beans are processed differently from other coffee growing places in the world. Because of the wet weather, it has a different drying process which contributes to its uniqueness. It is only dried with the wet-hull method. Only dried until they reach 50% moisture content as opposed to an 11% moisture content like most other beans. Our Sumatran coffee is full-bodied with deep flavor notes similar to a strong red wine or a high-end scotch. For the strong rich cup of coffee lovers among us, using a French Press will provide the perfect cup. If you prefer tasting all the nuances, try it in a Chemex. Pairing well with chocolate, spices, bacon and eggs, it is surprisingly versatile. I bet it would be amazing with a Mexican mole sauce. I love it sitting by the fire, reading a great book. Where do you like it best? 


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