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Half The Caff, A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

image of half coffee bean artwork

Week 10: Half the Caff Blend

We have all been in a position where hesitation was an issue for an important decision. Often we would have liked to be able to chose a little bit of both choices and be fully happy with the results. Sometimes, that gray area between white and black options is what we are looking for. When it comes to coffee, I find myself in that same predicament. Do I want the kick of the caffeine? Sure! But mostly in the morning. Am I looking for a good decaf in the evening when I suspect having a little trouble falling asleep? Sure! Two easy choices in the morning and the evening. My dilemma occurs mostly in the afternoon. When I am still looking for a little kick but not too much. Thankfully, the Half the Caff Blend now available, is there to make my life much easier. When I still have work to do but also need a good night sleep, it is the perfect choice! It is equal parts mountain water decaf and fully caffeinated Central American beans. If you find yourself looking for a good cup of coffee like me, but are concerned that you will be overdoing it with the caffeine, give it a try!

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