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Rhino Chaser, A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

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Week 11: Rhino Chaser 

With Rhino Chaser, Tend's most popular coffee, you get a lot of complexity in every cup. Its dark roast (our darkest) offers a multitude of flavors in a light body and very low acidity. It delivers a light smokiness with a caramel and dark cocoa taste that is very pleasurable. Heard it was named after a long surfboard that is used to ride huge waves. A board that guaranties a smooth ride, so that is what you are getting with this blend. For me, it reminds me of a  French Roast. Who would not like to be transported to a French café? Whether I use my French Press or just a typical drip method, its smooth flavor wrapped in a bold body, is always perfect. I can definitely vouch that my Rhino Chaser has just the right amount of "je ne sais quoi!"

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