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El Salvador, A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week


Week 12: El Salvador

What can I say about El Salvador? Well, it is a medium roast rich coffee, with notes of brown sugar, milk chocolate and orange. All that, is certainly enough for me! But the fact that it comes from a couple of great family operated certified organic farms, on top of a rich volcanic soil, makes it even better. These farms are wonderfully shaded by oaks, cedar and balsam. !n 2006, after a volcano erupted, it was totally covered in ashes. No worries, it made the soil acid and even richer.

I personally relish this coffee for its delectable flavor and easy going personality. That is why, this weekend I will surely bring some with me. I am planning a quick trip to Pennsylvania. With all that is going on these days, I can not wait to get in the holiday spirit that Bethlehem is famous for. My travel bag already has my El Salvador in it, ready to go! Being that this coffee is ideal for the pour over method, it will make it easy for me to prepare it in my hotel room, and carry with me on all my exciting visits around town. By always bringing my travel mug on my trips, it allows me to enjoy every special moment with my favorite drink, while saving money! 

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