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Beat Amazon by Doing 3 Things

Beat Amazon by Doing 3 Things

1. They are Bigger, You are Fresher

If you are a smaller operation of 1-4 units you don’t want that much inventory tying up your cash flow anyway. Find suppliers that are willing to work with you to keep your inventory low and fresh. Our love of specialty food stores was instrumental in our no-minimum coffee ordering policy. Generally it makes sense to order at least 1 full case for shipping reasons. We encourage our retailers to keep enough product on hand to keep the shelves full but that’s it. Fresher coffee is better coffee.

2. Seek Out Respectful Suppliers

When researching new products make sure the manufacturer is not undercutting their own MSRP on Amazon. We don’t sell on Amazon out of respect to our retailers.

3. Sample. Sample. Sample.

We suggest all our new retailers take advantage of our free quick start sample kit included in your first order. It includes everything you need to have a successful tasting. Just add a brewer. To become a retailer just send us a note!

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