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Best Breakfast Food and Coffee Pairings

Best Breakfast Food and Coffee Pairings

Knowing that people's tastes are different and forever changing, these pairings are only based on popular flavor tastings. I personally like way too many foods to contain my choices to a few recommendations. Ha-Ha! When following certain guidelines I always feel like I could be missing out on delicious discoveries, but at the same time suggestions can open up a wonderful world of new exciting combinations. When it comes to breakfast foods, the meal that starts our day and that we usually enjoy the most appreciated cup of coffee with, we are offered many options. 

With the typical American breakfast which consists usually of eggs, bacon, ham and/or sausage, a medium roast like a Costa Rican coffee is amazing. With omelets and other full flavored savory foods, a hardy Sumatra or Indonesian coffee is often recommended as a great pairing. As for oatmeal and pancakes with maple syrup, Nicaragua is definitely my choice. With toast, cereal, scones and muffins with most South American coffees like Columbia, Guatemala, Brazil etc... you really cannot go wrong. When it comes to croissants, well if you follow our French connoisseurs and creators of this baked marvel, you must try a café au lait of course! Ooh la la ! Bon appétit! If you have any suggestions you would like to share, please feel free to write us a comment. 


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