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Best Part of Going Out To Dinner: The Trattoria

Best Part of Going Out To Dinner: The Trattoria

One of the best parts of going out to dinner, is when the dessert menu magically appears in your hands.  It’s almost like they know that all of the other courses, are just a prequel to the best one of all!  There is an old saying, that says that the mere thought of dessert, ignites an entirely new hunger.  Such a magical moment, must be accompanied by an equally magical coffee.  So when I am dining at The Trattoria in St. James, you better believe that whether I am ordering the Flourless Chocolate Almond Cake with Vanilla Gelato, or the Lemon Scented Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce, I am ordering a french press of coffee, to go right along side of it!  

The Trattoria restaurant features Organic Special Prep and Organic Decaf Special Prep from Tend Coffee. It is located at 532 North Country Road Saint James,NY 11780

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