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Fresh Coffee From A Pod? You Bet!

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Fresh Coffee From A Pod? You Bet!

We are excited to release our in house packed, fresh roasted, fully recyclable, certified organic coffee pods available in 5 of our most popular roasts. Released this week in our store and as we get up to speed will be offered at as well. If interested; below are the obstacles we faced and how we overcame them. Thanks for your patience!



Top 5 Reasons We Avoided The Single Serve Coffee Pod Market And How We Overcame Them


  1. Not easily recycled, the lids, cups and filters were made with different materials.

  1. Not fresh. Solutions for pods often involved a co-packer. Meaning coffee had to be roasted, packed, shipped to a co-packer that would grind and let “de-gas” for days in the open. Because coffee releases Co2 as it rests it would explode the pods otherwise. After that, it would be portioned, packed and shipped back to the seller only to sit in a warehouse waiting to be eventually sold. Never mind the lack of certified organic co-packers.

  1. Big batch requirements. To make the above process feasible large quantities would need to be produced to reduce shipping expenses.

  1. Didn’t accurately represent the same coffee brewed fresh. After the ordeal those poor beans went through, this is not surprising.


  2. Wasteful. The environmental impact of the waste of billions of these little difficult to recycle cups was too much.


Well we are happy to say we have solved these issues!


  1. Our pods are BPA free, 100% #5 recyclable! Just follow the simple directions on the box.


  2. Our pods are Fresh! Roasted, ground, and packed within hours, not weeks. Using new technology that allows them to degas in the pod.

  1. Small Batch. Since we make them in house we can make them on demand with our Certified Organic chain of custody in tact.


  2. Makes a great cup! Of course your favorite pour over or French Press still reins supreme, but the cup brewed from these pods is getting real close!


  3. Waste reduction, if you want to make an even bigger impact than the recyclable pods. Save the post brew coffee grinds for your garden, grass, or other purpose. A true no-waste option!


Limited supply available at the store and special order with an online release coming soon!

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