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Fresh Roasted Ideas

Fresh Roasted Ideas

Announcing Fresh Roasted Ideas


A blog and newsletter re-focus on the “whole-bean”. In addition to our regular updates, we invite you to join the conversation about what happens after the brew and before. Our industry has an abundance of bi-products that seldom get put to good use, and we are changing that on a small scale and hope to inspire others as well.


Topics like coffee pallet work benches or our “Infinity Chicken Coup”, named such because once completed it’s instantly producing more than it costs (that’s the idea anyway) and our adventures building, crafting and growing all kinds of things with upcycled coffee bi-products. Many of the materials used can be had at a low or no-cost if you can find them. We will also include tips to do just that.


So if you like this kind of stuff, welcome! Don’t forget to leave some of your own fresh roasted ideas in the comments!

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