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Fundraising: Grass Puppy Blend and Last Chance Animal Rescue

Fundraising: Grass Puppy Blend and Last Chance Animal Rescue

As previously mentioned in my Grass Puppy Blend blog, every three months a charity is picked by Tend Coffee, and a fundraising process begins. This time "Last Chance Animal Rescue" will be the recipient of our quarterly check. 

Last Chance Animal Rescue is located in Southampton and their base is in S.C. It is a charitable, not-for-profit organization created to save the lives of animals. It is a volunteer based operation. They rescue animals that are located in "KILL" facilities, and underwrite the costs of relocating them to "NO KILL" facilities and foster homes, in hopes of finding them a forever family. They depend on donations to continue to save these helpless animals from being killed. Their Middle Mutts Program has saved over 15,000 cats and dogs since March of 2011. Their Adoption Program also found homes for 10,000 cats and dogs since 2008

So by enjoying the Grass Puppy Blend, we get to help this wonderful organization save the lives of condemned animals.

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