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Goodbye 2020!

Goodbye 2020!

As we close the chapter of another year in our lives, we look back at it with wonder and skepticism. The "I cannot believe this has happened" has been  replaced by the feeling of amazement we made it through it with strength, we never knew we had. We became resourceful and adjusted our needs accordingly. Yes, we all searched for the most common commodities that we never expected would run out, we learned how to juggle two and three different home schooling classes and had to run back to our car time and time again because we forgot our face mask! Never a dull moment in 2020. We began to get acquainted with our home again and tend to all those menial tasks we were used to ignore. We rediscovered the importance and benefits of spending time with our dearest family members. Never again will we take our lives and freedoms for granted. 

The start of a new year will feel especially nice this time around. The anticipation of a difficult time possibly coming to an end, will make it sweeter than usual. As we say goodbye to 2020, let's welcome 2021 with open arms and open hearts! Happy New Year to all of us , we so deserve it! 


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