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Grandma Rule

Grandma Rule

What’s your secret ingredient? As your looking over a smoldering stockpot filled with fresh tomato sauce; “its’a lovea”. Pardon my accent or attempt at one. There is an old belief that your intention can influence the food or drink you are making. In obscure corners of the internet you can find people that “structure” water or try finding their intentions frozen in thin sheets of ice that they have broadcast there thoughts. Although I have never tried the later, I have experienced the former. I would bet you have too.

When a person that wishes you well, hopes you succeed and in general has good intentions for you prepares a meal or drink, you probably have tasted it and it’s good.

I don’t know if you can “structure” coffee or if there is enough of the moisture that remains in the beans to affect anything after roasting but we certainly have intention in our work.

I like the idea of being the quite champion of good causes and the wins in your life. A big promotion, a new job, a great client or simply an enjoyable drive; somewhere in a cup holder that receives a lot of use is a Tend Coffee cup.

Never having accepted a moniker like 1st Wave, 2nd Wave, 3rd Wave Coffee etc. we have been kind of an outlier. I guess because; yes the coffee is extremely important but it’s the customer that we are focused on. Focused in a way that hopefully brings goodness into their (your) life.

We don’t offer flavored coffee’s that have been treated with synthetic flavor chemicals, frankly because of what they can do. Read it for yourself if you like. So to say we are customer focused might seem strange if a customer asks for Banana Pecan flavored beans but we don’t sell them nor plan too. But it’s just in good conscience. There is a lot of marketing out there that people are exposed to and are probably unaware of how those artificial flavors get in there in the first place.

Like a kindly Grandmother who refuses to use anything other than real vanilla bean in her custard. The grand kids may have wanted a cookies and cream layer cake but they are getting fresh vanilla custard and will remember it for the rest of their lives, I do anyway.

It’s really quite simple. We select fresh, organic, green coffee roast it with care in different styles to suit the situations you may find yourself in. We roast in smaller batches to keep it fresh. We sell it in full 1lb bags so that you make it through the week and by filling the bag we use less packaging.

Call it the Grandma rule if you like, our intention when roasting our coffee or preparing your drinks or fresh baked pastries is that your day is a better one. Can you taste it?

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