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Health And Beauty Corner: Face And Body Coffee Scrub

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If you are like me, you just toss away your coffee grounds without even giving it a thought. Needless to say, we repeat this robotic gesture many times daily. But my friends, that is now a thing of the past for me. Saving the grounds has been one of my best and beneficial discoveries of last year. I have researched multiple ways of using them and will share some with you in the weeks to come. For now, here are some of the benefits of using the grounds on your skin. It is said that using coffee facial and body scrubs are beneficial to your skin, as they remove dead cells and increase a healthy blood flow that helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to the new ones. It tightens the skin and boosts cell regeneration as it can also help reducing some dark spots. Some researchers added that it could help prevent wrinkles and fine lines as well. With organic coffee and its multitude of pure antioxidants, we use the most natural and healthy beans for your skin. I am sure you have noticed that coffee scrubs have become more and more popular. They can be expensive and they are so easy to make at home. Oh and there is another perk (no pun intended ha-ha), the invigorating feeling we get while breathing this familiar and so enticing coffee aroma. Save some grounds because tomorrow I will share the first scrub recipe! Happy Sunday!


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  • Cliff Pfleger

    Great company with delicious products! Super clean facility!!! The coffee is made with extreme passion and the love of quality, in every bag!

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