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Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee:

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee:

We can look for a variety of excuses to validate the need to get a cup of coffee, but I will now provide you with scientific studies that will give you the ammunition to enjoy it guilt free!
I was able to find quite a few health benefits of drinking our favorite brew. First, using organic beans is definitely my personal choice found to be most important to my health. Here are a few more:

Improving your memory:
Researchers at the Radiological Society of America found that drinking two to three cups of coffee, improved short-term memory as well as lowering the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease.

Depression Prevention:
A report in the Archives of International Medicine shows that women drinking two to three cups a day lowered their risk of depression by 15%, and the ones drinking three to four 20%.

Metabolism and Diabetes:
The morning coffee revs up your metabolism and helps lose weight while the Chlorogenic Acid in it helps lowering glucose absorption flushing out the sugar in your body. That helps lowering the chance of having diabetes.

Parkinson’s Disease:
The Journal of American Medical Association found that drinking up to three cups a day can lower the risk of Parkinson’s by 25%.

There are more health benefits associated with drinking coffee as these are only a few, but next time you feel like getting a cup, knowing these study results might make you appreciate it even more. Enjoy!

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