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Health Benefits of Organic Teas:

Health Benefits of Organic Teas:

Health Benefits of Organic Teas:

We have covered the benefits of organic coffee farming in previous blogs, and we are about to discover how organic tea farming offer the same protection from chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides, as well as how they can help improve your health. In addition to being toxin-free, they have many other health promoting assets.

-Promote digestive health:
 Organic teas help facilitate digestion.

-Antioxidant properties:
 By adding antioxidants, you protect
 your heart, reduce infections, help slow
 down the aging process, reduce
 infections and help prevent cancer.

-Help lose weight:
 By replacing unhealthy snacks and
 drinks with teas, it could make it easier
 to lose weight. Of course enjoying your
 hot or iced tea without sugar by using
 lemon, honey , mint , lavender etc...will
 help get faster results.

-Help relax/ Give you energy
 Some teas have the power to help you
 relax during a busy day or at bedtime.
 Others will give you the energy you
 want during the day.

-Vitamins D-H:
 Vitamin D will help keep your bones
 and teeth healthy while Vitamin H,
 will help regulate your nervous system.

 As you can see, if you are a tea lover, drinking an organic brew will be very  beneficial to your health. It is an easy transition. It is literally “a cup a tea!”

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