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How Coffee Helps Your Workout:

How Coffee Helps Your Workout:

Workout With Coffee:

Getting a great workout feels amazing! With the help of coffee, you can improve your performance and even reduce some of the soreness.

Coffee can help you focus better, and give you the energy needed for a great workout. Because the effects peak 30-45 minutes after ingestion, drinking a cup or two before your gym session can help you perform better ( if you have no issues with caffeine). Coffee can also accelerate fat loss as it improves the speed of cycling and other activities. The fat burning is especially concentrated in the belly area. Some researchers suggest that consuming 4.5-6 mg per kilos of body weight, is the right amount for a great performance. Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors (perception of pain) and releases dopamine and beta endorphins that will help you push through your workout.
A Journal of Pain study revealed that drinking coffee 24-48 hours after working out, reduces the pain by half.
Another great reason to drink your favorite brew! Happy workout!

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