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How do you brew?

How do you brew?

“How do you brew your coffee?”  This is a question we hear at the coffee shop, daily.  What is the right answer?  Is there a right answer?  Here is how I respond to this question.  “How do you like your coffee?  Do you like it to be full bodied and stronger tasting?  Or do you like cleaner, brighter notes?”  The answer here varies greatly.  For me, there are so many variables.  For instance, in the summer, I enjoy a bright, clean, refreshing flavor.  While sitting by the fire during a snowstorm, I want something fuller bodied and some deeper flavor notes that are not going to leave my palette right away.  Here is a quick guide to a few basic brewing methods, I hope you find the one that suits your mood.  

French Press, we use a Bodum French Press when looking for a rich full bodied flavor.  The metal mesh filter allows some of the smaller particles to stay in your cup creating a heavier feel on your palette.

Pour Over, The Chemex Corporation makes 6 cup Chemex and 8 cup Chemex depending on how many servings you are looking for.  They use a thick paper filter, the FS-100 fits both brewers and holds back the smaller particles creating a bright clean flavor no matter which coffee you decide to use.  We also carry a Beehouse Dripper, this is a single cup pour over coffee maker that is easy to use and clean.  We pair this with a Finum #4 Coffee filter.

We would love to hear about your favorite brew method, please let us know in the comment section below.

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