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January, Capricorn and Coffee

image of capricorn

January is the start of a new year and the month of sometimes repetitive and often short-lived resolutions. It is a month of new beginnings. The time to clean our closets and all clutter we have accumulated the year before. We get to breathe in the clean cold fresh air of the winter, and allow ourselves to dream about what this new year will bring to our lives. January is also the month of snow, ice skating, snowmen, skiing (alpine or cross-country) and hot cocoa or coffee in front of the fireplace for an après-ski delight. It is also the sign of the Capricorn. This hardworking and diligent individual who loves gastronomic and healthy meals. For all of you motivated, ambitious but reserved Capricornians, you might want to try a dark roast coffee like Sumatra, Rhino Chaser, Bali Blue Moon, Winter Harvest etc... Your energy level and drive can sustain their richness and boldness, while the organic quality will satisfy and fit nicely in your health conscious lifestyle. Happy January everyone!

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