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A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

A Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week

 Week 5: Guatemala

Guatemala is a delectable 100% Guatemalan coffee. It is a medium roast with highlights of milk chocolate, toffee and cherry. I must admit, that its delicious flavor makes it one of my favorite coffees. It is the one I turn to when I feel like having a dessert, but decide that my waistline could use a little more attention. Being so satisfying, there is no need for anything else. It is surprisingly quite easy to detect its different wonderful notes. With many various tastes of coffee out there, finding the right one for us, could be a challenging task. It does help to associate the time of day, the activity, the mood we are in and what purpose we would like to get out of a particular brew. Guatemala is perfect for all moments of the day. Somehow, all methods of preparing it, complements it beautifully. For our household, the drip coffee pot, is the easiest way of making our coffee. Sure helps to get our day started with its taste, marrying perfectly with any breakfast. It will keep us going while running errands or at work. Definitely makes our day sunnier even on a cloudy day. Winding down the day, after a meal, a cup of our beloved Guatemala, makes us realize that no matter how our day was, it is without a doubt getting even better! 




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