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Walking into the shop you may notice something different, something shiny,

A Backstory

Before we opened our doors for the first time in 2011 we searched high and low for a La Marzocco espresso machine. Why that make? It’s a beast. Unlike most espresso machines at the time or today for that matter the La Marzocco runs separate boilers for steam and water. Meaning it could power through lines of soon to be caffeinated aficionados while maintaining brew temperature and asking for more.

After months of searching we found one with an owner willing to work within our budget which wasn’t much. It was a classic Linea 4 Group. Already taxed from the build out of the cafe, this was a “fingers crossed” kind of purchase. It was out west, enjoying a comfortable leisurely time and about to be awakened for transport to our busy island.

I was not sure what to expect on delivery, a small box truck was dispatched from the logistics company. I was expecting a bigger truck. The driver seemed to absorb my enthusiasm for the delivery and since it survived intact seemed certain of a signature of acceptance.

We rolled it up the driveway, I did a quick inspection, and signed for it. She looked tired but capable. Without a clue if it worked as advertised or not, returns were not an option as I didn’t have the power supply to test it or the resources available for someone else to do it, so we waited. Fast forward some months and we made it through the demo, the build out and installed electric at the intended future resting place. We grabbed the sides of the machine and hoisted it onto the counter. Weighing hundreds of pounds it was a bit of a struggle.

We got it situated and then plugged it in. Holding our breath we flipped the power switch to the on position and thankfully the buttons erupted with their glorious red and orange lights. Replacing a few parts and some minor refurbishing we had her up and running in no time. It really felt like a miracle and probably was.

This is what made the decision a tough one. It’s strange how you can develop a relationship with a machine. This one felt like it had our back. From customer #1 to a bustling staple of the community she was there holding fast. Maintenance calls became more frequent and with some outlying refurbishing on the horizon we made the decision to not replace but let her get some rest in the cozy roastery with friends.

Meet The New Machine

Also a La Marzocco, she’s a spunky modern 3 group GB5 with upgraded steam wands marketed as “cool touch” for the working pleasure of the baristas. Make no mistake, this isn’t some super automatic, push button, human replacing, interconnected, robotic monstrosity that you will find in the chains. If it were a car it would be a 2024 re-release of the manual transmission 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429. Super precise, updated tech under the hood and ready to make your favorite drinks.

So the next time you're in the shop, know that somewhere behind all that fresh roasted coffee is an espresso machine with the heart of a classic being run by good people to make your day just a bit better!

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