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Minor Ailment Reliefs From Teas:

Minor Ailment Reliefs From Teas:

Minor Ailment Reliefs From Teas:

With so many choices around, choosing the right tea could be overwhelming but very interesting. So many flavors, recipes and health benefits from each kind. We have a choice of black, white, green, red, and a wide array of herbal teas. Enough varieties for our every mood. Here are some healthy reasons to add teas to your diet.

Black Teas:
⁃ Naturally sugar-free and calorie-free.
⁃ Gives a great energy boost.
⁃ Provide mental clarity .

Green Teas:
- Considered one the healthiest
  drinks in the world.
- Lowers the risks of Parkinson’s,
  some cancers , arthritis and
- Helps reduce belly fat

Herbal Teas:
- Peppermint: Can help clear nasal
  congestion and digestive tract.
- Ginger: Helps with nausea ,
  Indigestion, constipation and
  menstrual cramps.
- Chamomile: Studies show some
  relief of pre-menstrual symptoms as
  well as decreasing stress and
  allow relaxation and better sleep.

We will talk about teas again in more details in forthcoming blogs. As you can see, we are conveniently surrounded by many healthy drinks and some can actually relieve some of our minor ailments in a natural and chemical free way. As with coffee, with the warmer weather approaching, we will be able to enjoy our healthy teas iced, for a totally different experience!

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