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While roasting some beautiful beans the other day I was stuck in my own head as often is the case. Looking at the miraculous coffee bean. It’s really not a bean at all, but a seed of the coffee cherry. I was imagining all the potential it has in it’s current state as well as the potential it had further into it’s past.


Thoughts turned to the cracking & popping of the beans about to hit their ideal condition in the roaster and I proceeded to get the cooling area ready to receive them. The door opened and whooshed the beans into the spinning cooling area.


Loading the next roast into the hopper, this time a very special coffee from Kenya. Using the vacuum loader is quite loud, so I like to wear hearing protection most of the time. The big ear muff type seems to keep most of the high pitched sounds at a good level.


I started thinking of how miraculous isn’t a word you hear much of these days. I hear magical a lot though and that’s similar, or is it? The auto restorer next to me is revving the engine of a muscle car now. He is bringing it back to it’s former glory, maybe better than. I’ll sneak a peak at the new paint job later, they do nice work.


Back to the beans and having faith that 2022 will have more miracles in store for us. It’s only February after all...


See you in the shop,

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