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November Is Here!

November Is Here!

 Once November pokes its nose, it is time to start getting ready for the holiday season. It is an exciting and busy time. So much to do! No worries, we all know that everything always works out. I will try to help you the next two months and alleviate some of the pressure by suggesting recipes, table settings, gift ideas, etc... I might throw in some family entertainment ( movies, books, weekend packing tips...) as well as fundraising and company news . I will also add some more great coffee and tea information to help with coping with the hustle and bustle of it all. I always need a few suggestions myself so if you want to share some with me, I will surely appreciate the gesture. 

With a lot of cleaning, prepping, raking, decorating, cooking and shopping on our to-do list, we will rely on our favorite cup of java to give us that energy that is a must during the holiday season. A great mint mocha or a chamomile tea after food shopping, a hot chocolate for the children while reading a book, these moments will be cherished always. Happy Holiday season to us, we will get through it all, happily and together! 

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