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Outdoor Activities:

Outdoor Activities:

Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing etc...:

In April, many outdoor activities are being planned and executed. For the camping, fishing, hunting and hiking fanatics, getting ready is super exciting!
While shopping for your getaways, coffee and/or tea are most likely on your list. It is remarkably easy to enjoy a good quality brew in the wilderness or in less conventional settings. As long as you can boil water, you can make a delicious cup of your favorite coffee. One would think that tea is much easier to make in these circumstances, but with a French Press ( some are made especially for camping) and your favorite coffee, it could not be simpler. You add the coffee at the bottom and add the boiling water. You let it stand for four minutes and voilà, a perfect cup for you to enjoy! With this energy-boosting drink , you will be ready to conquer the world ! Happy trails!

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