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Coffee Pallet Bookcase

Coffee Pallet Bookcase

This is our new series where we share how we give new life to commonly discarded items that pass through our coffee roastery. If you like the upcycled and repurposed life then you will love these little Fresh Roasted Ideas.

The "Borrowed Tools" Pallet Bookcase

I walk by it every roast day, standing there dutifully doing its work. The Borrowed Tool Bookcase is just that; a bookcase made with minimum tools and a discarded pallet. In our case a coffee hauling pallet. The pallet was heat treated, clean and remember, I'm not a structural engineer, but a coffee roaster.

The Backstory

We wanted a bookcase type shelving unit for the roastery to act as a staging area for pickups and act as a catch all near the door. A place to put things down or pick things up that may otherwise be forgotten. Trying to use what I had to get the project done was the inspiration. In this case it was a pallet, a small skill saw, random screws of different sizes, an electric screwdriver and some leftover stains and finishes.

Would I do it differently if I was in the same situation today? I don’t think so, it's tough and functional. Given the resources it was made with, it turned out well and I would do it again.

What would you use it for?

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