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Quiet Moments:

Quiet Moments:

Quiet Moments:

If you are like me, you might at times feel like a gerbil in its wheel. Everyday’s household chores and work, children and family activities, being available for everyone and having to cope with it all, is a heavy load for a person to carry. Our days are filled with obligations while our nights seem too short and restless. I find myself looking for time alone, just to take a breath and try to relax . It is odd that relaxation and coffee go hand in hand but, for me it is the ideal pair. It is a sweet pause in my crazy life, that allows me to reconnect with myself and recharge my overworked batteries. The simple pleasures in life might seem insignificant to some, but they are vital to my healthy mindset. Sitting in the sun enjoying an iced coffee or perhaps, sneaking a hot cup of deliciousness and a magazine to my favorite hideaway, is all I need. Just this quiet moment, proves to be the perfect antidote to my life’s daily challenges. Whether I play my favorite song or just sit in silence for a little while, I truly enjoy my moment of peace. It really improves my wellbeing tremendously. Make time for yourself, you deserve it! Cheers!

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  • Dimitra Vrosgou

    I could not agree more! Every day I wake up, I look forward to drinking my cup of matcha from Tend :) One of my favorite moments feature a hot matcha on a quiet, chilly morning, alongside my piano.

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