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Reading Labels:

Reading Labels:

Start Reading Labels:

Eating well starts with reading labels when food shopping. By paying attention to what our food is made with, we start caring about how we treat our body. The  stranger the ingredients are on a label, the more processed it is. Remember that, if you were baking or cooking these foods at home, most of these unpronounceable words would not be added. Preservatives and added corn syrups and sugars, are often sneaked in under a wide variety of names. They can cause addiction, obesity and diabetes in some people. Healthier choices are free of these additives, and even though their shelf life would not survive a nuclear holocaust, our lives will be better for it. The smaller the print and the bigger the list of ingredients is, the quicker it should go back on the shelf. The best solution would be for us to cook and bake everything we eat and only use organic and fresh items. Of course, in a busy world and busy lives, it is not always possible to do so. At least, by taking the time to read labels, we can control a little bit better the ingredients we eat and serve to our family.

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