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To Dunk or Not to Dunk: Are You a Dunker?

To Dunk or Not to Dunk: Are You a Dunker?

Most of us have tried dunking cookies or pastries in our coffee.  We have tried to find the right food and especially the right texture, as we carefully attempted to find the perfect timing of this skillful act. We have all known the painful disappointment of waiting a little too long and losing that delicious bite, that escaped to the bottom of the cup! It is a very delicate operation that must be attempted without any distractions whatsoever! I actually think that it could be a contest favorite or maybe even a cheered Olympic event! Some people might not like the soggy deliciousness of it. Or maybe they never were able to master it either! Ha-Ha!

Biscotti, croissants, crusty Italian bread, cookies... all great when dunked in a delicious coffee. I actually recently heard that a Kit Kat bar is a great dunking choice. So tell me, do you dunk?

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