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What Is An Americano or Caffe Americano?

What Is An Americano or Caffe Americano?

What is an Americano?
We all heard someone ordering an americano in our favorite coffee shop. With a name so familiar and yet so foreign, what exactly is that drink and where did it come from ? It was said that during World War 2 , American soldiers who were fond of their perked coffee back home, preferred adding water to the espressos that were served in Europe. It then became a way to order and drink for our servicemen and is now a popular and preferred brew for many coffee lovers in modern times. The espresso’s rich flavor remains but becomes a little lighter after adding the water . It is an amazing drink wether you prefer it black or with your favorite creamer. So can we say that Americans actually created this drink? Umm... why not?

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  • Old Bostonian

    In fact the Italians gave this name to the coffee as a means of saying that only Americans would drink such watery coffee.

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