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What is "Cold Brew"?

What is "Cold Brew"?

There has been so much hype during the last couple of years about this “Cold Brew” coffee.  So you may be thinking “what exactly is this cold brew thing?”  “Isn’t it just iced coffee?”  Well, not exactly…  As you may know there are tons of different ways of brewing your favorite coffee.  From Turkish to French Press, there are so many different ways to brew.  The same goes for cold coffees.  You may have heard a friend say they just throw their old coffee into the fridge and call it iced coffee the next day.  Ideally, cold coffee would love the same attention to quality and freshness as you would hot coffee.  So here’s the low down (recipes and more detailed info to follow in subsequent posts:)  The first method we will talk about is the Japanese Pour Over Method where hot coffee is brewed directly over ice, cooling the coffee immediately.  This offers a fresh, bright and refreshing brew that is great on a hot sunny day. The other method we will dive into is called the Cold Brew Method.  Where coffee is steeped at room temperature for anywhere between 12 and 24 hours.  This keeps acidity to a minimum showcasing a smooth, creamy full bodied and easy to drink cup.  Check back as we go into deeper detail about the workings of these different brew methods.

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  • Susan Leiman

    Which product whole bean products of yours do you recommend I use for cold brew I make using my cold brew 64 oz. filter at home. I have a Krups small plug in grinder. How do you recommend using that in terms of how long and how much to grind?

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