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What We've "Bean" Doing: Company News

What We've "Bean" Doing: Company News


Today I am happy to talk about my blogs. Yes, blogs are very popular these days and there is good reason for it. It is a perfect way for companies to make announcements, to share with everyone what makes them unique , who they are and also to connect you with their environment. When talking about Tend Coffee, we love sharing good news and coffees with our friends!

So I decided on a few topics that might be of interest to my fellow coffee lovers. To begin each week, you can read about events and/or activities that we participated in over the weekend in the "What Brewed Over the Weekend" . then look for the "Little Cup of Knowledge: Coffee of the Week" series. It features each of our coffees available and describes their unique profile as well as a little personal story relating to each of them.  I cannot wait to add to my "Did You Know?" articles. In this blog, you can learn some cool facts relating to coffee that most of us would be interested in learning about, but never had the time to do so.  Keep up to date on what's going on with "What We've Been Doing" . We are always happy to fund raise for our animal rescue friends, and you can find out about them in the "Charity Events" blog, which organization will be the recipient of our three month period, Grass Puppy Blend sales donation. You can find all my blogs on our company website:

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