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Why Use Coffee Grounds in Our Garden?:

Why Use Coffee Grounds in Our Garden?:

As we discussed in a previous blog, using coffee grounds in mulch helps with water retention, aeration and drainage. It also boosts blooms as well as keeping away slugs, snails, some cats and rabbits. The smell of coffee is actually a great animal repellent (certainly has the opposite effect on humans!). All that is needed, is to add the grounds around the perimeter of your garden. You can also use leftover black coffee. To use as a natural fertilizer, working the grounds into the soil will also increase the nitrogen levels and earthworm formation. Earthworms are great for your garden as they move through tunnels which allows better drainage and natural vents for oxygen distribution.
The acidity in coffee does wonders for plants that will benefit from acidic soil like hydrangea, lilies, azaleas and roses. As for fruit and vegetables, blueberries, carrots and radishes also thrive in that soil. After all this work, have a cup of coffee and think of what else you can do with these wonder grounds! Happy gardening!

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